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Project: Binti Jasirika Phase I

Binti Jasirika Phase I

Gender-based violence is “any harmful act that is perpetrated against a person’s will and that is based on socially ascribed (gender) differences between males and females” (IASC, 2005). Historically Women have been a marginalized group in the society due to culture that portray a woman as a tool of sexual pleasure and patriarchy system. And being a girl in Tanzania does not make it any different, because a Tanzanian girl is faced with a lot of challenges like School drop-outs, Teenage pregnancy, Child Marriage, sexual violence, sexual harassment, sex trafficking and even Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). All these gender based violence hinder a girl to prosper and later on hold better position in the society because of the effects that come with it like pregnancy, painful scars, Femicide, Suicide, AIDS-related mortality, Maternal mortality and Psychological torture.

Girls need to be nurtured from the early age to understand the whole concept of gender based violence because from then we will be creating a society of future women who are aware of gender based violence (GBV) and are able to defend themselves, the women who are strong enough to speak out on all acts of GBV and are able to be of help of other women/girls in the society. By doing so will be having a society of future women who are fearless to defend and speak on all acts of GBV.

This awareness on GBV will also be a fundamental buster for the girls in attaining higher education because the education system for girls’ children has been pyramidal and GBV is one of the hindrances. According to the President's Office Regional Administration and Local Government report on Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Education Statistics in Brief of 2016 the number of male drop out from form 1-4 in total is 3,833 compared to girls who are 34,427 and many reasons have been cited including truancy and pregnancy.


The young girls from selected project area will work as a group and they will be selected based on their willingness and better reasons to be part of the girls group. The target students will be from the age of 13 to 17 years.

This age group is chosen because they are teenagers where by the girls are faced with a lot of temptation. Also to cultivate future women who will later on go to universities and chase their goals and dreams. On top of that they are mostly affected by gender based violence and thus, fundamental for stimulating women to move forward and be agents of change to the society.


This project aims at increasing young girls understanding of gender based violence and empowering them as agents of social changes in advocating for their rights

Specifically, the project aims to achieve the following objectives;

  1. To conduct assessment/mapping aimed at identifying specific gender based violence girls face in their different setting (home, school and in the community)
  2. To empower girls with capacity and resilience on addressing the identified gender based violence in different settings.

Key activities under this project are;

  1. Orientation meeting for one day with each stakeholder thus include sending official letters and introducing them to the project.
  2. Conduct a literature review on GBV gap in the selected project area. 
  3. To assist the girls’ participants to conduct gender based violence mapping, in their respective areas and in different settings; were by IEC/BCC materials will be distributed to build awareness on GBV
  4. Train the girls’ participants on life skills (including non-cognitive skills like team work, communication and public speaking) in building their confidence and assertiveness to speak out against all forms of abuse.
  5. Support girls’ participants to participate in marking the day of an African Child (18th July) by showcasing their talents through sports, songs, poem and drawings.
  6. Establish clubs in the respective secondary schools.

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